Mrs. Sareeka Dilip Sonune

Mrs.Sareeka Dilip Sonune(B.Pharm.) Wide experience in herbal Medicines, Procurement and Medicinal Plants.
I am Mrs.Sareeka Sonune-Patodkar. I am Professional graduate of Pharmacy from Pune University, Self Motivated ,Creative and adaptable, Well experienced in manufacturing plants SOP, Organic medicines and its SOP, Clinical Data Analysis. Awareness of the Medicinal side effects and their use In routine life. Some where I felt that we should choose holistic way of the life and healing through natural way. Organic Farming and Support to the Farmers is the key for success now a days. World needs Natural way to fullfill their daily needs like Chemical free foods and raw materials will save the climate asa well as Earth. Save to the Earth through this holistic way by improving purity of the soil,environment and earth. Thank you!
Dr.Dilip Sonune Veterinary Physician & Small Animal Practitioner.
Hello Friends,I’m Dr.Dilip Sonune Veterinary Physician & Small Animal Practitioner. Completed My Professional Education From Maharashtra Animal & Fishery Sciences University ,Nagpur-MS, India. I have completed Course on Animal Behaviour & Walfare from Edinburgh University. Passionate about Animal health and Ecofriendly Environment. Somewhere we should Understand Nature is showing us the way to holistic and natural organic way. Today we are completely forgetting about our pure healthy resources which can keep our health and Immunity at utmost level. So this is the right time to understand importance of Organic Farming and Importance of Deshi Cow as well as Other Animals which are extremely important part of the Ecosystem. I am working on Panchagavya & Deshi Cow Its Benifits in healthy life and healthy earth. Currently we need to Support Organic Farming and its long term health benifits as well as Immunity enhancement. Through this Holistic approach towards our Animal health and their welfare. Currently I am working for Animal Health and Benifits of Deshi cow for Indian Farmers. Support Farmers! Save Earth! Saving Animals means saving the ecosystems it means we are Saving the Earth and Ultimately Our Future.
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