Siberian Huskies

Siberian Huskies

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Ideally answer is “No”….

First we need to understand dogs don’t have sweat glands on their skin like humans. So, the fur doesnt exactly make them “hot”,
Atleast not the way it does to humans.
Due to absence of sweat glands, Dogs regulate temperature through pawpads, panting etc .
All dogs are most comfortable around temperatures from 17-18 degree c until 30-32 degree celcius. Lower than that – most breeds like huskies, german shepherds do cope just fine.
Higher than that , all dogs start to get uncomfortable.
Huskies have double coats..i.e small fine hair & long thick hairs.
This coat regulates temperature & protects them from heat as well as cold. *This is also why its never a good idea to shave off the coat of your dog just because the groomer advised a “summer cut”.*
Lots of breeds like german shepherds also have double coats. But you’d never find anyone saying, why is a GSD in India, send him back to germany. Lol.
So, in what cases does the dog over heat? When the dog is fat (like labs, st.bernards) , the subcutaneos fat provides a layer of insulation to the internal organs preventing heat from dissipating quickly. (Now you know why in excessively hot temperatutes, you are advised to wipe down belly & torso with wet cloth – coz thats where the critical internal organs are)
Or when the dog has a brachycephalic head/short muzzle(like pugs,bulldogs, boxers) because this prevents more air from being inhaled quickly into the body to cool the system. If a st.bernard has problems due to heat, its usually because of the extra subcutaneous fat or some lines of bernards being bred to have shorter muzzle & not just because the breed orginated from a snowy region. Just like a Labrador.

So, having huskies is much like having a gsd..atleast in terms of coat maintainance.
The coat or the name ” siberian” has nothing to do with heat regulation. Not in the way we humans think.

In places like chennai, delhi etc..all dogs get uncomfortable in the heat. Huskies will be just as uncomfortable as gsds, not more, not less (unless the dog was directly imported from alaska – then a brief period of acclimatistion is required)
After a certain temp, all dogs – husky or not, will need an ac or fan or some cool shade/indoors to lie in.
And even more so, if you have overweight/unfit dogs or brachycephalic dogs. Huskies are neither inherently fat nor brachycephalic.

Regular Hair brushing , keeping the dog fit, avoiding direct sunlight in summers, feeding high quality animal protein diet with good fats (helps retain moisture in coat) helps all breeds beat the heat in India.
But definitely we need to understand this Siberian Husky is more sensitive breed. We have to take more care.

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